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Tribal Perspectives on American History, Vol. I The Northwest 75-minute DVD, with 103-page teacher guide Suggested for 7th – 12th grades Integrates the traditions, histories, and cultures of northwest indigenous people to the classroom in an engaging and thoughtful manner. DVD Designed to companion with American History curriculum in middle and high school, this DVD provides unique opportunities to educate students on a range of topics and themes concerning native people of the northwest, including: * the responsibilities of human beings to care for the land * the importance of place-names across the landscape * treaty history and the reservation experience * boarding school experience * revival of native languages * legacy of repatriation

* In order to fully utilize the DVD series as an educational resource please see our quick user instructions that will help you navigate the Adobe Presentations of the Native Voices DVD series.


Guide features: Each chapter contains features designed to facilitate student understanding of the topics and themes encountered in the DVD. These features include listings of Key Concepts, Vocabulary, Geographical Places, People, and Essential Questions. Pre and Post-Viewing activities, inclusive of instruction and materials, are also provided to enhance learning opportunities. A complete Transcript Text (verbatim text from each chapter of the DVD) serves as a helpful reference for teachers and students while viewing each chapter. An extensive bibliography of recommended readings by topic is included in the Appendices, as well as the National and State Content Standards fulfilled by instruction using the DVD and guide. This essential educational resource integrates geography, social studies, critical literacy, science, and history curriculum, while bringing contemporary issues related to tribal sovereignty, treaties, and land tenure into the classroom for thoughtful study. Maps and supplemental material Featured are primary source documents, regional maps (both historical and contemporary) and timelines. * USGS regional base map of Northwest States * 1881 map by T. Symons, "Department of the Columbia" * 1967 thematic map by W.C. Sturtevant showing Early Indian Tribes, culture and linguistic areas. * Northwest Tribal Homeland Territories Map * Timeline example of federal Indian policy impacts * Blank timeline for activities * Primary source historical documents * Graphic Organizer Blackline master for Analyzing Written Document activity


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