Oregon Indian Education Association

Integrating Culture & Education
Posted by jparker2312, April 19, 2011 8:22 pm

OIEA Members, Grand Ronde - 2013


Welcome to Oregon Indian Education Association. The purpose of the Association is to promote quality educational services for Indian people in the state of Oregon.

To provide assistance to local and state agencies to assure that Indians in our state receive the full educational benefits offered.

To promote cooperation in solving Indian educational problems by encouraging participation in the development and/or implementation of relevant educational programs.

To increase communication by serving as liaison for information specific to education programs, procedures, and opportunities for Indian people and to disseminate that information to all members and interested parties.

To assist in the development and endorsement of Indian curriculum and methodology provided to Indian and non-Indian students in the state of Oregon.

To promote awareness of accurate Indian history, contributions, and cultural differences; and to support those associations, agencies, programs, individuals, and studies that reinforce a positive approach to Indian education.