Oregon Indian Education Association

Integrating Culture & Education
Posted by Tana Atchley, January 7, 2014 12:38 am

Thank you for your interest in submitting an OIEA 2014 concurrent session. The following dates have been set to submit your session:

• Submissions Open: January 1, 2014
• Submission Deadline: March 7, 2014
• Notification of Acceptance: March 14, 2014

OIEA Seeks Concurrent Sessions That:

• Strengthen the basic foundational elements of Indian Education in Oregon: math, writing, and science.
• Increase comprehension and critical thinking base on indigenous traditions and knowledge.
• Apply relevancies and motivation of education for AI/AN students within school cultures by promoting positive behavioral supports.
• Seek, implement and endorse Indigenous models of teaching and learning through curriculum development.

OIEA 2014 – Areas of Special Emphasis for Concurrent Sessions:

• Native Student’s transitions from early childhood programs to K-5, Middle School, High School, and Higher Education.

Presentation Proposal